Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tis' The Season To Buy Handmade SHELL ART & Coastal Gifts on Etsy!

Most of us know the joys of shopping on - the global online market place to buy and sell all things handmade. I've put together collection shell art and coastal gifts from Etsy's finest to get you in the holiday (and shopping) spirit! Check out these great shell things...


Sailors' Valentine by SeacoastArt

Shining Star Seashell Mirror by HighTideCreations

Seashell Wreath by BeacheryDesigns

Peace & Love Seashell Chest by TidePoolStudios

Hanging Window Sculptures by SavoirClaire

Seashell Flower p\Pendant and Necklace by sandandtrains

Oyster Shell Pillar Candle Holder by ShorelyChic

Beach Cottage Seashell Chandelier by SandisShellcapes

Vintage Style Seashell (Murex) Gift Tag by Bluebirdlane

Seashell and Sea Life Medley by Shellgalart

Fine Shell Art Dish by PinkPelicanDesigns

Seashell Window Ornament by Fromtheseacreations

Seashell Chalkboard by Beautiful Details

Crystal Studded Shells by SeashellCollection

Sailors' Valentine postcards packs by SeaStarRose. These cards are photos of awarding-winning shell artist Susanne Marie Dietsch's actual Sailors' Valentines shell art.

Framed Coral Specimen by SpecimenBoxShop

Seashell Faces by shellart65atlanta

Handmade Seashell Soaps by SatinandBirch

Photography (Sputnik Sea Urchin shown) and Glass Photo Jewelry by maryvlcan

Natural Seashell Ring by MyShells

Fine Shell Art Hair Clips by SeaShellFinery

Happy Holidays!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous post and thank you so much for including me with these talented designers!! **Blushing**

  2. How generous of you, Lisa, to create such a beautiful page for us. There are so many talented folks here on ETSY. I am grateful to you for including me in this group of gifted artists.

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Janie Peacock

  3. Could this be the best post in the world!!! Ever... Well it is to me. Thank you thank you thank you... I'm now going to check these out and be in total heaven... So many amazing things. Pruxxx

  4. Those items are absolutely beautiful! Just breath-taking! Thanks so much for featuring my tags, wonderful to be in such good company! beautiful blog btw....:)

  5. You make the most beautiful things.. so happy that I found you :)

  6. Lovely items. I adore shells. great collection here. found you thru a pinner on Pinterest