The Shell Art of Peggy Green

This post kicks off a series of posts at the Fine Shell Art Blog, acquainting shell art fans with the work of some truly amazing shell artists.

Shell Artist, Peggy Green is one of the very few Shell Artists today who create Victorian inspired shell art pieces. Using hand cut shapes and her own unique designs, she incorporates the same breeds of seashells used by Victorian-era Shell Artists into her beautiful and highly collectible shell art pieces.

Peggy Green and her amazing shell art were featured in the Fall 2010 of issue of
Antique Shops & Designers (on sale at Barnes & Noble and Borders Books now). Photo's of Peggy Green's shell work in this post are from that article.

For more information about Peggy Green and to purchase her shell art, please visit Peggy's site -


  1. Everything is exquisite! Very beautiful! ♥

  2. Oh to have such talent! So glad I stumbled upon your blog.. I have many of the books you list..but your wealth of info is amazing!

  3. Dear L.A. Givens...I just stumbled on your blog and can't thank you enough
    for singing such praise about my shell art. What a clever idea. I wanted to let you know I'm getting ready to publish a book featuring most of my work over these last eight years. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
    And thanks again....keep up the good work.
    Peggy Green
    Shell Artist

  4. I'll be set up at Marburger Farm in Round Top, Texas this coming spring. The dates are March 29th thru April 2. I'll be in the building next to the office there in the middle of the grounds. Hope to see all my old friends and former customers.....haven't done the show in over three years, so looking forward to being in the mix again..... Hope to see you there.

  5. Hi Peggy,
    I just received your blog link today from a friend. What a find it is and what a great resource for all things related to shells and shell art. I am so impressed as I have admired your shell art via the internet for the past few years! I am also a shell artist who creates all types of shell art, Sailors' Valentines, etc. I have bookmarked your blog spot and will be a frequent visitor to see what new items that you have added!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dear Peggy,

    Thanks so much for your comments on the Fine Shell Art Blog! Kindly note, I have listed your event at the Marburger Farm Antique Show in March. Thank you for sharing that. I know a lot of folks will be visiting you.

    I am absolutely delighted to hear you are publishing a new book! I would like to purchase it and would be happy to do a post on it. Please let me know the details when you can. Your new book will be especially good news for your fans and shell art lovers alike. I can't wait to buy it!

    Thanks again Peggy. You are an inspiration to us all. Please let me know if you have any other future events and/or news you would like to share . I'd be happy to post them.

    Kind Regards,
    Lisa (L.A. Givens)

    P.S. - Peggy, please check your email link on your site.

  7. Hello to all of you! Wanted to let you know I'll be set up this Fall (2013) across the road from Marburger Farm at the TEXAS ROSE ANTIQUE SHOW. I will be selling several of my books
    featuring some of my most unique pieces. I'll be there most of the last week in Sept. thru first week in Oct. Look forward to seeing you and showing you many of my new designs.

    Thanks for all your comments.
    Peggy Green
    Shell Artist713.301.1980


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