2010 Sea Glass Festival

The North American Sea Glass Association was formed by a group of professional sea glass collectors, authors, artisans and retailers. This year they held their 5th annual Sea Glass Festival in Cape Cod, MA at the Hyannis Resort & Conference Center. I happened to be in Cape Cod for the Columbus Day weekend and stopped by the festival. Here are just a few of the beautiful and unusual sea glass exhibits featured at this years show and sale...

Author Richard LaMotte was on hand to discuss his popular book "Pure Sea Glass - Discovering Nature's Vanishing Gems"

This beautiful Sea Glass window (above) was created by Lovely Glassworks. Below are a few sea glass goodies I picked up at the show...

This beautiful sea glass and fresh water pearl necklace was created by the talented Katie Carrin.

These great aqua sea glass earring were created by Jane McHenry / A Day at the Beach.

The North American Sea Glass Assocation offers a wealth of information about genuine beach sea glass as well as links to sea glass suppliers and artisans.

Check out more photos from the sea glass festival at:


  1. I have that book and have been to the sea glass festival in Santa Cruz, Ca. I bought a sterling silver ring cast from a bottle top shard and a sterling silver bracelet cast from individual shards. They are gorgeous. I should do a post on them. Your post today brought back those great memories.

  2. Lovely. The stained glass window is incredible!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Lisa!

    And in case you missed it, I posted about your feature on the True Blood pool house a while ago (see link below), and will include your Sunrise Shell in tomorrows post also.

    Pool House in True Blood

  4. Hi Lisa!
    This is a great post about the festival. Your pictures are wonderful. I also posted about the festival. Please check it out and link to your post in my comments so readers can see more pictures. :)
    Meg Carter

  5. I came by from Maya's Coastal Blog posts party and I'm so glad I did! I've been looking around at some of your older posts and just love everything I've seen! Your Etsy story is fabulous and so are some of the others you've shared in the past.

    I love sea glass, but when I was a young girl, my grandmother called them mermaid tears. The photos you posted are beautiful examples, so nice to see "real" sea glass and those who have such a passion for these gems of the sea.

  6. That window is wonderful... I bet lots of folks lusted after it. We rarely find sea glass on the upper Texas coast... even a small found piece is a real treasure.

  7. Oh, I love sea glass and this is a wonderful post! Love the photos and links to more info! Thanks! And happy holidays! ♥

  8. Absolutely enchanting! I got the book..and it is like my diary!!

  9. Thanks for featuring this wonderful, colorful event Lisa! And thanks for featuring The Sea Glass Blog in your "Blogs of Interest" section. We've featured more photos of the Sea Glass Festival here: http://www.westcoastseaglass.com/Sea_Glass_Festival.html


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